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mockup of a project by David Garcia


Infinity is an outsourcing company for call center operations located in Hermosillo, Mexico, run by Frank Monreal. The company offers the service of highly trained and experienced agents in a wide range of operations, including customer service, sales, tech support and more, at a fraction of the cost of American agents. Thus providing a more cost-effective operation for their clients, who would be: 1. Saving money in their operations and 2. Receiving a way better quality of service than they would from other countries that may be less exposed to American culture.

The Challenge

Frank was determined to grow his company. A goal for which he would need to find more clients. Problem was, his website did not convey the professionalism and competence that Infinity offered. It lacked hierarchy in its elements, navigation was a maze and there was no clear purpose for the website.

It was time to redesign the whole thing in order to convey the real value that Infinity brought to the table.

Infinity's website prior being redesigned

The Process

Before starting any design process for this project, we had to identify who we were designing for.

To discover that, we created a client persona, encompassing all the traits of the ideal client for Infinity (demographic, socio-economic, emotional, challenges and pain points, etc.), which served as our guide for every single decision made in the design process.

In a nutshell, the client we were aiming for measured success in the following criteria: 1. Their customer satisfaction (measured in surveys and QA call monitorings) and 2. The ROI in human capital needed to achieve said satisfaction. The solution was clear: Outsource operations to, not only a bilingual, but a bicultural organization.

Using this as a starting point, we crafted a message that addressed those needs and highlighted the solutions offered by Infinity. With that message in mind, we designed the user journey through the website, looking to answer every question they may have and getting them excited about our services.

The purpose of this new website was to generate leads for the company and initiate conversations from there. Frank’s goal was to have significant conversations with at least 2 prospects by the end of the year (we kicked the project off in March 2020).

The first step of actual design were the wireframes. I like to start sketching by hand and then turn them into the actual wireframes (kind of like the blueprints of a house). We use these to quickly and easily test the information architecture and overall organization of the content.

Our goal was to create a website that’s super intuitive and very easy to use and to locate answers. To make it even easier (and increase conversions) we used a language that our audience would regularly use and we carefully placed Calls-To-Action (CTAs) throughout the site to remind users they can always request a quote by filling out a simple form and scheduling a consultation call with Frank.


As our final result, we created a website with a clear message and value proposition: “We will not only help you increase your ROI in call center operations, but we will also provide the absolute best experience for your customers”.

The navigation of the whole website is intuitive, without any vague or ambiguous terminology that may confuse the user. Creating a much more enjoyable experience, thus increasing the chances of users coming back or requesting a quote on their first visit.

Since the purpose of the website was generating leads, we designed every page of the website seeking to spark interest, and making it extremely obvious where to click if they wanted to request a quote or more information.

The details of the final outcomes are still confidential and property of Infinity, but by the established deadline, we had already exceeded the initial expectations.

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