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CallCentered is a BPO call center in Hermosillo, Mexico, run by Scott Hannum. Aided by a talented team and a culture of growth and support to their employees, they have been able to provide outstanding service to their clients, who have been so satisfied that they keep sending them more and more work.

The Challenge

Needing to hire more employees to fulfill clients’ requests is usually a good problem to have. But in a city like Hermosillo, where there’s plenty (really, PLENTY) of call centers, the demand for employees is higher than the number of people looking for this kind of job. On top of that, candidates have to be bilingual too! 

It was clear that we needed to stand out from all other potential employers; offer something unique and some extra on top. Our message had to be appealing and we had to offer an experience they had never had with any other call center.

The Process

The first thing we crafted was our message. In the middle of a second wave of Covid-19, having the opportunity to work from home was a top priority for most candidates. At the same time, others were just tired of being locked down and preferred an on-site job. CallCentered started offering both options.

We decided that this hybrid approach would be our main value proposition.

To support this message we thought we should also mention the benefits of working at CallCentered, open positions available, office location and, to top it all up: A unique way to apply for a job.

Looking to provide a personalized experience to applicants (and align with CallCentered’s internal SOPs), we decided to offer the ability to schedule a screening call from the Recruitment team at the most convenient time for them. This way we would increase the chances of them answering the call, since they would be letting us know when is a good time to reach out.

Our Call-To-Action (CTA) throughout the entire site would be enticing visitors to schedule this call. This would also be how we measure the success and performance of our website.


As the final result we created a website that conveys a message of growth and opportunity.

Candidates can learn about the benefits of working at CallCentered and see the open positions available at any time.

All along the website we placed CTA’s that encourage visitors to schedule a call from a recruiter, to learn more about the positions and start their hiring process.

For users to schedule their call, we used an integration called Calendly, which allows them to easily choose the date and time that most fit their schedule, and sync the event in their calendar (Google, Apple or Outlook), reducing the risk of them missing the call.

In just a few weeks, the website became the main tool for lead generation for the Recruitment department, allowing CallCentered to fulfill clients’ requests and offering their candidates a unique and branded experience.

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