I'm David Garcia.
I create websites.

I'm a self-taught web designer based in sunny Hermosillo, Sonora

portrait of web designer David Garcia
So yes, I taught myself how to design. My education background is in Psychology, so I’ve always been very interested in human behavior (especially consumer behavior). Now, being able to design tools that are capable of influencing that behavior, for me, has been mindblowing and an amazing experience.
As analytical as I tend to be, I enjoy helping businesses review the traffic they’re receiving on their websites and analyze their behavior. Comparing that behavior to what they expect as a business, gives us great insight into which changes would be best to help us keep up their website’s performance.

My Design Process

Creating a website for your business.

Although every project’s needs, goals and timelines are different, following a standardized process helps me make sure there’s order in our work and that every step of the way is leading us towards success.
This first part of the process has the one and only purpose of understanding the problem, so that we can provide a solution that makes sense.
Here we talk about your business goals, we identify who your customers are and which of their problems is your product or service a solution for.
Between what you aspire for as a business and what they desire as consumers, there’s a sweet spot that we will uncover and use as a guide for the success of our project.
Here’s where we come up with the game plan. Based on the results of our Discovery, we will determine the best route to take.
Where will your traffic be coming from? What do we expect from them? How many pages will our website have, and what’s the relationship between them? How do we present our value proposition in a way that is appealing and users will understand? All of this will be determined in this stage of the process.
It’s time to craft our message to your audience. What tone of voice are we using to communicate to them? How does your audience search for businesses like yours in Google? We should be using those words to help you rank in their search results.
So far we haven’t done anything visual. It’s all communication first. By the end of this phase we will have the text for all our pages.
Now that we have our message crafted and all our text down, we’re going to arrange it in our pages in a way that makes the most impact to your audience and gets them excited to know more (or seal the deal right then and there).
We then complement the message with imagery, colors and textures that reinforce our value proposition and with “calls to action” that will help you convert those visitors into leads or paying customers.
This final step is when we take our design and turn it into a live website. All the tools and integrations are added here. Once your website is up and running, you will receive training on how to use these tools, update information, view reports and make the best decisions, for FREE.

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